Tutoring, Coaching, & Educational Services

Common Core standards – based learning

Instruction is based on finding out what the students’ already know and meeting them there.



Tutoring and educational services – One-on-one or group time focused on re-teaching or remediation of specific skills in reading, writing, math, social studies, or science that were already taught in the classroom. Students are coached in the use of various strategies to improve their awareness of thought (metacognition) and extend learning opportunities. It includes routines of reading and writing instruction in order to increase literacy skills. When possible, collaboration with school personnel and teachers is encouraged in order to optimize student potential for learning. 

Dyslexia remediation- Orton Gillingham Basic and Advanced training – references available

Language Study- English language learning services are provided for children and adults in the areas of English reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 


Reading and Writing Help

Good readers really are strategic. When students struggle to decode words and comprehend, they often lack effective strategy-use. One of the greatest barriers in constructing meaning and comprehending text lies in the reader’s ability to be metacognitive, or be aware of what is going on in their minds.
Metacognitive readers identify when meaning breaks down and actively use strategies to make repairs. One tool that good readers use is to refer back to information on a page or in the book, scanning to recall and recreate background knowledge, or clarify a confusing idea. Maybe the meaning or sounds of a word are troubling. What tools do we have to fix these problems? How do students know what concepts and ideas are important in text?
As active readers, we constantly make predictions, ask questions, clarify words, meanings, and confusing ideas, and summarize.  We use strategies to help us integrate ideas into existing background knowledge, synthesizing information in order to draw conclusions and develop opinions. With continual guided practice and routine, students develop the ability to use all strategies independently and naturally!

It has been said many times that in this day and age, students are coming out of schools with an inability to use proper conventions and grammar in writing. Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structures, organization, and punctuation are essential to expressing oneself as a thoughtful writer. Read. Write. Speak., LLC will help students learn useful lifelong habits of revising writing, and teach students to consider the topicaudience, and purpose as they proceed through this often challenging process.

Do you or your child sit down to write and nothing happens? 

All too often, students struggle with writing because they do not understand the direct connection between thoughts, and what comes out of the pen or pencil. With Read. Write. Speak., LLC students will practice building writing stamina through quick writes, a strategy taught in the Colorado Writer’s Workshop for teachers, where students start small and build their stamina for writing. Often, they will choose from several quick writes to create one polished piece of writing.

Benefits of learning with Read. Write. Speak., LLC

  • Instruction comes from an experienced teacher who loves working with people
  • Students have input about what they learn
  • Students will notice a positive difference in their reading, writing, or language abilities
  • Instruction is individualized to students’ learning styles and needs
  • Whenever necessary, contact and communication will be maintained with other teachers and specialists
  • Instruction can be aligned and supported with what is taught in school
  • State learning standards are addressed
  • One-on-one support
  • Cost-effective semi-private groups of two to three as available
  • Short or long term assistance 

The educational philosophy of Read. Write. Speak., LLC is grounded in a constructivist approach. This approach stems from the belief that students begin learning through eliciting or creating background knowledge (what you already know). If background knowledge does not exist, students will be guided to create a foundation. Then, they build upon this knowledge and learn through experiences with books, writing, and communicating about text.

What’s the process?
1. Contact Read. Write. Speak., LLC to set up a free 30 to 45 minute appointment and discuss your goals. 
2. We decide where to meet and set up a schedule.
3. Educational support services will begin!

“…We can see a tremendous difference in his reading comprehension, language development, and writing skills.  This will help him in EVERY school subject!  He has grown so much with his tutor!  Thank you Ms. Tutela!”   — Karen G.

For some, reading and writing is a natural process and they are able to learn to read and write relatively easily. They achieve. They feel literate. For many, this is not the case and the typical school day is not enough. These students will benefit tremendously from private tutoring services. Semi-private tutoring services are also available, and can be equally beneficial, or even more so, to student growth.

Assessment-based learning services, tailored to the needs of the learner, help individuals or semi-private groups improve skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Note to parents: Some students have been placed on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan and are receiving Special Education services during school hours. When Read. Write. Speak., LLC  provides tutoring services for these students, information is collected and instruction is based on the goals for the tutoring plan in order to help each student reach his or her highest potential.

Every person is capable of setting and attaining learning goals.


Sondra Tutela, EdM